8 Easy Side Hustle Ideas While You’re Still Studying

We could always use a little more money. But earning money can be difficult if you’re also studying full time. Whether it’s studying for an upcoming exam or finishing off your assignments, finding a dedicated five or six hour block in the day for part-time work can be really challenging. It’s even more difficult during exam periods, where every hour of study and revision can have a big outcome on the grade you receive. This is why some people choose to start a side hustle instead of getting a part-time job. With a side hustle, you get to set your own hours; choosing when to work and for how long. This way, you’ll be able to earn money without sacrificing your university grades. As a side hustler, you get the option to choose. You might choose to work 20 hours a week during the semester, 40 hours a week during the holidays, and none at all during the examination period to focus solely on your courses. But you probably want to have a side hustle that’s easy to do. After all, your courses are already stressing you out. You don’t need a side hustle that builds on that stress. So we’ve compiled a list of the easiest side hustles that you can do right now, with little to no skills involved: Blogging Secret Shopper Driving for UberEats/DoorDash Babysitting/Dog Sitting Tutoring Handyman Flipping goods Writing/Copywriting Side Hustles That Are So Easy That Anyone Can Do It      1. Blogging Blogging is simply creating and self-publishing content online. Writing is the most common form of blogging, although photography blogs and videography blogs (vlogs) are popular as well. You can blog about anything. You can write a blog about anything and everything, although most people blog about their hobbies and interests. If there’s a hobby or a topic that you know a lot about, you can write about it. To start a blog, you need a website. You can either create your own website or you can use a website builder like Squarespace. You make money blogging from ad revenue. Google AdSense is the go-to web monetization platform, although there are others out there as well. You can also make money blogging from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for marketing another company’s product.      2. Secret Shopper Secret shopper is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money. As a secret shopper, you are hired to shop in stores and collect information about your experience. You are essentially a ‘undercover customer’. You shop, and provide feedback on your experience. The questions are really simple and doesn’t take too long. Some mystery shopping assignments also pay a fairly good compensation. And hey, you get paid to shop!!      3. Driver for food delivery platforms If you’ve got a car, then you can definitely consider driving for food delivery platforms like Ubereats, Menulog, and Deliveroo. If you’ve got some free time, simply log in to the app and get started. And when you’ve had enough, simply log off and call it a day. While you can make good money during peak times, just remember you’re also including fuel expenses when working out your take-home pay. Additionally, you’re also adding additional wear and tear on your vehicle. We recommend driving for food delivery platforms instead of rideshare (Uber, Lyft, Didi, etc) as there are more restrictions when driving for rideshare and you won’t need to worry about customer interactions.      4. Babysitting/Dog Sitting Get paid to look after a child or dog. How hard can it be? Depending on the child, their age, and their requirements, it can either be the easiest job in the world or the hardest. But most likely it’s going to be somewhere in between. An advantage to baby/dog sitting is that you can also study whilst you’re babysitting. Essentially, you’re getting paid to study! Just make sure to have all rules and expectations set out with the parents beforehand. You should sort out beforehand stuff like: when the kids are expected to go to bed; how much screen time the kids are allowed; what time the parents are expected to be back; and if the kids have any allergies. Dog sitting is pretty much the same as babysitting, but just much easier. Easy Side Hustles With Some Skill Involved      5. Tutoring Tutoring is also a common method for students to make money. The pay can vary slightly, but if you’ve achieved the highest mark in the subject, you can often charge top dollar. This option isn’t limited to tutoring school subjects. You can also offer to teach other people skills that you have learnt. This includes teaching others how to play instruments, speak different languages, and private sports coaching. However, you also need to be an excellent communicator as well. Even if you achieve the highest mark, that doesn’t matter if you can’t effectively communicate to the student.      6. Handyman If you’re handy with your hands and tools, you can put it to use. From assembling furniture to fixing up curtain railings, there’s heaps of jobs around the home that other people would gladly pay you to do. Websites like Airtasker are the best place for you to earn some cash helping people with jobs around the home.      7. Repairing and reselling goods Are you good with your hands but also have some specialised knowledge? In that case, you can put that knowledge to good use by restoring old furniture, cars, or even renovating entire rooms. If you find antique furniture that looks like it has seen better days, why not take it home, give it a face lift, and resell it?      8. Writing/Copywriting Do you have a way with words? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider working as a freelance writer. There is always a demand for good creative writers to generate ad copy, social media

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